21 May 2015

Treasure Chest Thursday: FLPBA 25th anniversary publication: sister members

On the past three Treasure Chest Thursday posts I've listed the 72 male members of the First Lubiner Progressive Benevolent Association (FLPBA) - the landsmanshaft organization for those who settle in New York City after emigration from Lubin (Labun), Russian Empire. Only a handful of female members were listed in the 25th anniversary publication in 1936. They all appear to be widows of members and may have been from Lubin, themselves.

Of those I have been able to identify, all were buried in the FLPBA burial plot in block 89, gate 156N in Montefiore Cemetery, Queens, New York.
  • R. Blumfield - Rose Blumenfeld
  • Brawerman - likely Ida Braverman (widow of Isidore, who died in 1933)
  • Z. Goldberg - Zlote (Lottie) Goldberg (Bernard, d. 1925)
  • R. Klein - unknown
  • S. Moskowitz - unknown
  • D. Reitman - Dora Reitman (Morris, d. 1935)
  • I. Schachter - possibly Fannie Schecter (Shimon, d. unknown)

19 May 2015

Tombstone Tuesday: Harry and Ethel Dansker, Montefiore Cemetery, Queens, NY

Harry and Ethel Dansker were married in the Russian Empire and came to the United States early in the 20th Century, settling initially in Lower Manhattan and later in Queens.

Here lies
My husband and our beloved father
Tzvi son of Aizik Dov
Died 10 Kislev 5691
May his soul be bound in the bonds of the living
DIED NOV. 30, 1930

Harry was born in Labun, Volhynia Gubernia, Russian Empire (also called Lubin in Yiddish and today, Yurovshchina, Ukraine) in about 1865. His parents (as reported on his death certificate) were Isaac Dansker and Sophie Goldberg.[1] 

Ethel was born in Radzivilov, Volhynia Gubernia, Russian Empire to Yale Bresner and Pessie Gittleman.[2] 

Our beloved elderly mother
Etel daughter of Yoel
Died 15 Sivan 5707
May her soul be bound in the bonds of the living
DIED JUNE 7, 1947

Ethel traveled to the United States with her children Mottel (age 19), Malke (17) and Rachel (8) following their father Harry. They landed in New York on 16 June 1905.[3] While I have a candidate record, I am not yet certain that I have found Harry's manifest.
I have located the family in the 1910 census living at 274-6 Henry Street, New York, New York.[4] Harry was reportedly an operator at a skirt factory. The family consisted of Harry, Zeitl, Mollie and Rachel. Son Mottel is not with the family.  The census record reports that Zeitl had had 7 children, only two of whom were still living. I have not found any other records regarding son Mottel.

Daughter Rachel married Reuben Minkowitz on 6 June 1922.[5] She reported that she, like her father, was born in Lubin. I have not located a marriage record for her sister Mollie. 

Harry's death certificate indicates that he had become a glazier. He is among many Lubin immigrants who took that profession in New York City. 

Ethel's death certificate indicates that she died at the age of 89. The tombstone says 90. But, the manifest for her arrival in New York indicated that she was 40 years old in June 1905. That would calculate to a birth year of about 1865. The 1910 U.S. Census provides information that agrees: she was listed as 46 years old in 1910. Based on this, she was probably about 82 years old at death.

There is inconsistency regarding the Dansker surname in Ethel's death records. Ethel's death certificate lists her surname as Dansky and Montefiore Cemetery has her identified in their index using that surname. However, both her and her husband's tombstones indicate that the surname was Dansker. That name is in agreement with the 1910 U.S. Census record for the family, Ethel's manifest and Rachel's marriage certificate. "Dansky" is a mistake on the Ethel's death certificate - a mistake carried forward by the cemetery.

The Danskers are buried next to each other in one of the First Lubiner Progressive Benevolent Association plots in Montefiore Cemetery, Queens, NY: block 89, gate 156N, line 4R, graves 5 and 6.

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2. "New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1957," digital images, Ancestry.com (http://www.ancestry.com: accessed 18 December 2010), manifest, S.S. Patricia, Hamburg to New York, arriving 16 June 1905, p. 40, line 3, Zwettel Danzker; citing National Archives Microfilm Serial T715, Roll 589. 
Queens County, New York, certificate of death no. 11895 (7 June 1947), Ethel Dansky, New York City Municipal Archives, New York.
3. "New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1957," digital images, Ancestry.com, manifest, S.S. Patricia, Hamburg to New York, arriving 16 June 1905, p. 40, Zwettel Danzker.
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5. Kings County, New York, marriage certificate no. 6221 (6 June 1922), Reuben Minkowitz and Rachel E. Donsker, New York City Municipal Archives, New York.

14 May 2015

Treasure Chest Thursday: FLPBA members, 25th anniversary publication (part 3)

There were 72 members of the First Lubiner Progressive Benevolent Association listed in the 25th anniversary (1936) publication celebrating the group's founding.  

Two weeks ago I posted the entire membership page, showing all three columns of members and identified the members in the first column. Last week I identified the members in the second (middle) column. 

This week we finish up with the third (right) column. I have identified those buried in one of the three FLPBA burial plots: Montefiore plots at gates 156N [M-156N] or 567W [M-567W] and Beth Moses [Beth].
  • J. Norflus - Joseph Norflus [M-156N]
  • D. Perleman - David Perlman [M-156N]
  • S. Rogol - Samuel Rogel [M-156N]
  • N. Rogol - Nathan Rogel
  • S. Rosenthal - Samuel Rosenthal [M-156N]
  • W. Rosenthal - William Rosenthal [M-156N]
  • J. Reitman - Julius Reitman
  • S. Reitman - Samuel Reitman
  • N. Reitman - 
  • J. Rothman - Joe Rothman [M-567W]
  • A. Schwartz - Alex Schwartz [Beth]
  • M. Schachter - Max Schechter [M156N]
  • M. Schultz - Meyer Schultz [M-156N]
  • A. Sotskess - Abraham Sotskess [M-397N; United Old Konstantin Benevolent Society*]
  • S. Stern - 
  • I. Simon - Israel Simon [M-156N]
  • A. Schechnowetzky - Aaron Sachnowetsky
  • M. Schuekerman - Max Shenkerman [M-156N]
  • Z. Stein - Samuel Stein [M-156N]
  • L. Waxenberg - Louis Waxenberg [M-156N]
  • M. Weiss - Michael Weiss [M-567W]
* Abraham Sotskess' wife (my great great aunt, Rebecca Myers Sotskess) is buried in an FLPBA plot but, for some reason, Abraham, who died a few years later, is in the plot for members of the Staro Konstyantiniv landsmanshaft at Montefiore Cemetery.

12 May 2015

Tombstone Tuesday: Sam and Sophie Schwartz, Montefiore Cemetery, Queens, NY

Sam Schwartz is the third of three Sam Schwartz, glaziers, I have recorded in the First Lubiner Progressive Benevolent Association plots at Montefiore Cemetery, Queens, NY.
Here lies
Shlomo son of Arye Dov
Died 21 Kislev 5684
May his soul be bound in the bonds of the living
Beloved Husband
and Father
Died Nov. 29, 1923
Age 43 Years

This Sam Schwartz was married to Sophie.
JULY 5, 1886 - MAR. 31, 1949
Sosya bat Yehudah

Sam and Sophie married in Europe and emigrated before 1909. Sam traveled first and Sophie emigrated with their eldest daughter, Sadie or Shirley (who had been born about 1905).[1]

In the New York City, Sam and Sophie had: Isidore (b. ca. 1909), Pauline (b. ca. 1910), Ida (b. ca. 1912) and Noah (b. ca. 1918). 

Sophie's grave is in Momtefiore Cemetery, Queens, NY, First Lubiner Progressive Benevolent Association plot, block 89, gate 156N, line 7L, grave 3. Sam's grave is also in block 89, gate 156N. Beyond that, I have not been able to tell the cemetery's designation for his grave.

1. 1910 United States Census, New York County, New York, population schedule, Manhattan, enumeration district 951, sheet 6B, dwelling 21, family 179, Sam and Sophie Schwartz family; digital image, Ancestry.com (http://www.ancestry.com : accessed 11 January 2011); NARA microfilm publication T624, roll 1035.

10 May 2015

Happy Mother's Day, L2a1l2a!

Happy Mother's Day to my late mother Norma, grandmother Tillie, great grandmother Bertha and my great great grandmother Reisel!

Bertha Wenkert Liebross
I do not know the maiden name of my great great grandmother Reisel Wenkert from the Zaleszczyki area of today's Ukraine but among her children was my great grandmother, Breindel Wenkert, born about 1868. 

I know Breindel had one elder sister, Perl Wenkert Ett, who died in Skole, Austria in 1895. Perl had five daughters, all of whom bore daughters, as well (she also had a son, but that information is not helpful for following out MtDNA results). Beyond Perl and Breindel, I do not yet know of any other siblings.

Breindel married Eliezer (Leiser) Liebross. They resided in Radautz, Austrian Empire (now Radauti, Romania) and had eight children. 

Leiser and Breindel  immigrated in 1897 and 1898, respectively, and became Louis and Bertha Liebross in New York City.

Tillie Liebross Wilson
Their eldest child was my grandmother Tillie (born about 1888 in Radautz). Tillie attended school through the eighth grade. She married Joseph Wilson in 1917 in New York City. Of Louis and Bertha's three daughters, Tillie was the only one to bear children who lived to adulthood.

Tillie was not the stereo-typical white-haired grandmother. While she was doting and a superb cook, she dyed her hair to match her former auburn locks. She was ten when she became an immigrant and in later years did not have an accent from the Old Country. I think this photo (at left) really shows her as stylish woman.

Joe and Tillie's second child was my mother Norma Circe Wilson, born in Brooklyn in 1921. The Wilson's did well financially and purchased their two-family home in Brooklyn at 31 Colin Place. 

Me and my mother Norma Wilson Garber (about 1977)
Both Norma and her brother Ira attended Lincoln High School and then New York University. Norma graduated in 1941. She worked as a bookkeeper for a few years before marrying Bernard Garber in 1947. She became a home-maker after my brother Jim was born.

Our maternal line mitochondrial DNA haplogroup is L2a1l2a. Unfortunately, our haplogroup is an exact match with 25 other people who have tested with Family Tree DNA. Thus far, there does not appear to be any discernible common ancestor among us.